A Little Help from Your Abs

In traditional Chinese teaching, digestive malfunction is said to account for 90% of all instances of disease. Yet no matter how well we eat or which supplements we take, particles of undigested matter adhere to the inner intestine, toxifying the system and preventing complete absorption of our food. One way to ward off this problem is to perform this simple "inner housecleaning" exercise once or twice a day, at least an hour after eating: With your knees slightly bent, lean forward and place your hands on your thighs just above the knee. Press down with your hands, exhale deeply, and draw your stomach in as tightly as possible at the same time. Holding your breath after full exhalation, use your abdomincal muscles to push your belly in and out several times. Then stand up as you inhale. Repeat this three times. You will not notice an immediate effect, but over time every part of your body -- from your skin to your brain to your sex organs -- will benefit as all the nutrients in your food are absorbed and utilized.

- Dr. Maoshing Ni "Secrets of Longevity"